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Family Favourites Cook Along

A free 5 day Cook Along to create ease and efficiency in the kitchen.

Receive 5 simple, tasty and nutritious dinner recipes plus complementary lunchbox solutions.

Join in our Facebook community group as we all cook the same recipes, share our cooking tips and advice and inspire each other with our creations!

How do you feel about dinner time...?

  • Does the constant question of what’s for dinner just drive you crazy?

  • Do you ever feel overwhelmed with the pressure to come up with tasty and nutritious dinner ideas?

How about lunchboxes...?

  • Do you ever stare blankly into and empty lunchbox, flat out of ideas of what to include?

  • Are you sick of throwing the lunchbox together in a mad rush not really knowing if it’s providing the right food for your child?

If you've answered YES to any of these questions you are absolutely not alone! Trying to decide what's for dinner every...single...night is a major pain! And packing the lunchbox every school day isn't much fun either!  

I've been there too but it doesn’t have to be this way!


If ease and efficiency in the kitchen is something you'd love to experience then my free 5 day Family Favourites Cook Along is for you!

Hi I’m Abbey!

I’m a university qualified nutritionist with a Master's degree in health promotion. I'm also a wife and mum to two gorgeous but picky little kiddos.

As a busy Mum I'm all about getting things done fast! When my daughter started school last year I wanted to find a way to pack a healthy lunchbox that was meeting my her nutritional requirements, one that she actually enjoyed but one that didn’t take much time or thought to put together.

Profile Pic2.jpg

So I began using a super simple method to pack a nutritionally balanced lunchbox by including food from each of the 5 food groups. This was working well until I ran out of protein ideas! I had a great stash of food from all the other 4 food groups but protein I struggled to include (especially being at a nut free school).


We would always have a protein component in our evening meals so I started saving some when suitable and re-purposing it for the lunchbox, then simply topping up the lunchbox with food from the remaining 4 food groups. It was a massive time saver and made packing the lunchbox so quick and simple!

It is such a great feeling and I want as many people as possible to experience how easy and efficient this is method is!

So I’ve developed my free 5 day Family Favourite Cook Along to do exactly that - let you experience the ease of making a simple healthy dinner and packing a nutritionally balanced lunchbox in no time at all!


So what’s included and how does it all work?

My Cook Along is not just about getting some great new recipes, it’s an actual experience!


Prior to me sending out the recipes you will receive an information guide with some really useful information. Inside it you will find information on:

  • The 5 food groups

  • A simple method for packing a nutritionally balanced lunchbox

  • Lunchbox variety cheat sheet that can be personalised for each child

  • How the evening meal and protein for the lunchbox work together

  • Planning you meals

  • Meal planner template

  • Recipe modification guide


The Lunchbox Variety Cheat Sheet and Meal Planner I recommend completing before we start on Sunday 30th August. Detailed instructions are included inside the information guide and will also be available as a video in our Facebook community group.

Our Private Facebook Community group, only for those taking park in the Cook Along, will be one of the best parts of the experience. Inside the group I’ll be sharing loads of nutrition and cooking tips and advice and it’s a great place to ask questions and be inspired by the others cooking the same recipes.


Recipes will be sent out on Wednesday 26th of August, to allow time to plan your meals and purchase ingredients before the 5 day Cook Along starts on Sunday 30th of August.


All recipes will include details on:

  • Number of serves

  • Preparation and Cooking time

  • Ingredients list

  • Method

  • Lunchbox suggestion

You will also find 2 stamps on some of the recipes:


This “Fast Pass” stamp indicates that a short cut is available for this recipe to simplify or speed up the cooking time.


This “Cook Once, Eat Twice” stamp indicates that this recipe has been doubled and half is required to be saved for another recipe.

Now as much as I try to create simple nutritious recipes suitable for all, I know that it's pretty much impossible to do so! Everyone has their own individual tastes, likes, dislikes and many I know have special dietary requirements as well.


So I’ve included an excellent Food Allergen Ingredient Substitution Tool which can used to swap ingredients. Plus our Facebook community group will be full of knowledgeable individuals and myself, all more than happy to suggest recipe tweaks to suit specific tastes and needs!

If you’ve been feeling stressed or overwhelmed with the constant demands of organising and preparing dinner and lunchboxes - come join me in my free 5 day Family Favourites Cook Along.

I hope you find some new family favourite recipes to enjoy and most importantly I hope you experience some ease and efficiency in the kitchen that removes the stress bought on by the constant question of what's for dinner and the never ending lunchbox packing!

I can't wait to see you in there and get started!

If you have any questions, please let me know, I’m happy to help:

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