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Family Favourites Meal Plan

I know the constant question of what’s for dinner is a never-ending burden!

Trawling the internet for suitable recipes is so time consuming and second guessing yourself when trying to make nutritious choices is just downright disheartening.

Imagine feeling calm and efficient in the kitchen…

Imagine knowing what you’ll be cooking each night for dinner…

Imagine packing a simple, nutritionally balanced lunchbox in no time at all…

Imagine feeling confident knowing the food you’re providing your family is tasty and nutritious…

My Family Favourites Meal Plan makes this a reality!

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I absolutely love cooking, sharing what I know and helping others create calm in the kitchen, while making nutritious choices for themselves and their family.


I know many of you agree that the constant question of what’s for dinner stresses you out! That deciding what to have each night and finding appropriate simple recipes is a task you could do with out. I know too that making healthy choices at the supermarket is hard with confusing nutrition labels and clever marketing!

I've created a community dedicated to easing these pressures,

to provide consistent simple nutritious recipes each week

and be your go-to for cooking and nutrition advice.




5 simple, nutritious dinner recipes each week delivered straight to your inbox

Lunchbox solutions for each recipe using re-purposed leftovers where possible

Nutritious brand recommendations

Fast Pass recipe short cuts

Cook Once - Eat Twice recipes to save loads of time

Supportive Facebook Community Group where I share loads of nutrition advice and cooking tips

Personalised Lunchbox Cheat Sheet

Personalised Meal Planner

Recipe Modification Guide and ingredient swap support

ALL FOR JUST $14.95/m OR $149.50/yr


I'm excited to let you know that my Family Favourites Meal Plan subscription is now OPEN to new members until midnight Sunday 6th September 2020!

I only open doors a few times throughout the year so I can spend time supporting you as a meal plan subscriber and developing more recipes! 

Click the button below to join me.

Your first weeks recipes will be sent out on Wednesday 9th September.


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Can I cancel any time?

Yes absolutely! If the recipes are not to your liking or if you’re not finding nutrition information, cooking tips and community group beneficial, you can cancel at any time.

Will the meal plan subscription save me time?

Without a doubt! I believe the weekly done for your meal plan will save you at least 30min each week not having to decide and plan what’s for dinner. Plus the time saving “Fast Pass” or “Cook Once, Eat Twice” recipes would save at least another 30min a week. With a time saving of at least 1 hour a week and 4 hours a month, I hope you value your time at much more than this and see the value in the small monthly investment!

Will the meal plan subscription save me money?

Sure will! If you feel like you’re forever ducking into the supermarket to pick up last minute items for dinner, or with nothing planned and regularly grabbing takeaway, then my meal plan will definitely save you money! I’m also always on the hunt for supermarket specials so share those too!

Are the recipes suitable for different dietary requirements?

As much as I try to create simple nutritious recipes suitable for all, I know that will never happen! Everyone has their own individual tastes, likes, dislikes and many I know have special dietary requirements as well. My recipes are designed to be tweaked and altered to suit different tastes and dietary requirements. I will post in the group each week when the recipes are sent to see if any recipe changes are required. You just let me know what you need tweaked and I will provide you with suitable ingredient swaps.

Can I join up at a later stage?

This subscription is a closed membership, meaning that doors are only open a few times each year. This allows me time to support my meal plan community and develop more recipes!

How much is it?

It’s only $14.95 per month or if you sign up for the annual price of $149.50 you receive 2 months free!


When are doors closing?

The membership is open now to new members until midnight Sunday 6th of September 2020, when door will be closing again.

How do I sign up?

Just click the button below. The first weeks recipes will be going out on Wednesday 9th of September!



I not only share recipes and how to use leftovers for the lunchbox but I also compare branded products (mostly from Coles, Woolworths and Aldi) and let you know best choices for easy nutritious recipe short cuts!

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I can't wait for you to experience the ease and efficiency that my Family Favourites Meal Plan subscription creates.

I will be there to support you 100% and look forward to making life easier in the kitchen - not just for you but for your whole family.

I hope you will join us.


Doors close Sunday 6th of September at midnight.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me

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