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My simple method to packing a nutritionally


A guide for busy parents that want to provide their child with the food they need to perform at their best at school.

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Providing your child with a balanced lunchbox inline with the Australian Dietary Guidelines gives your child the nutrients and energy they need for a full day of leaning and activity at school. 

  • Packing the lunchbox every single day is not easy!

  • Coming up with healthy food ideas that your child will actually eat is hard!

  • It’s time consuming rummaging through the fridge and cupboard looking for suitable food.

  • It's worrying for many parents not knowing if the food they are providing is giving their child the best start for learning.

  • It really is a stressful and dreaded task!

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Hi I’m Abbey!

I’m a university qualified nutritionist with a Master's degree in health promotion. I'm also a wife and mum to two gorgeous but picky little kiddos.

I love all things food and healthy eating and have put my passion, knowledge and experience together to create the Lunchbox Nutritionist - where I help busy parents pack simple nutritionally balanced!

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I know so many parents dread packing the lunchbox each school day. I want to change this! I want to take away the pain of packing the lunchbox. I want to give you confidence in knowing that the food you pack is providing your child with the energy and nutrients they need for a day of learning and play.


To help you with this one task (one of many us as parents need to do each day) I've complied my top lunchbox packing tips! It's all here for you in my free Healthy Lunchbox Guide that will have you packing a simple, healthy lunchbox in no time at all.


Inside you will find:

  • A simple guide of what food to include in the lunchbox

  • A list of foods that can and can not be bought into "nut free" environments

  • How to keep the lunchbox cold and safe from food poisoning

  • A lunchbox cheat sheet to personalise for each child

It's all free to download here - I hope it's a great help to you!

If you're also after some lunchbox inspiration, come visit me on Instagram at The Lunchbox Nutritionist - I share my daughters lunchbox each day, nutrition and cooking tips, recipes and my favourite products!


Ebook - 4 Steps to Packing a Nutritionally balanced! $14.95

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