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Family Favourites Meal Plan

I know the constant question of what’s for dinner is a never-ending burden!

Trawling the internet for suitable recipes is so time consuming and second guessing yourself when trying to make nutritious choices is just downright disheartening.

What if I could ease these pressures?

I'm a university qualified nutritionist, mum of two and I absolutely love cooking!

I love sharing what I know and helping others create calm in the kitchen, while making simple, nutritious choices for themselves and their family.

My Family Favourites Meal plan and supportive community group allows me to do just that!

Imagine having ongoing access to regular, simple, nutritious, family favourite recipes and lunchbox solutions.


Imagine having a nutritionist at your finger tips to help guide and support you to make informed product choices when grocery shopping.


Imagine having recipe fast passes and cooking short cuts to save time and money.


Imagine how confident you will feel knowing the healthy food you are providing your family is setting them up for life long health and wellbeing!


This is just a snippet of what's provided in my monthly Family Favourites Meal Plan subscription for just $14.95/month.


Family Favourites logo.png

Doors to my Family Favourites Meal Plan Subscription are currently closed.

This allows me time to fully support my current members and develop and test new delicious recipes.

Don't worry though doors will be opening again for a short time soon.

Join the waitlist to be reminded when doors open and as a thank you for waiting so patiently I will send you 5 of my family favourites recipes to get a bit of a sneak peak into my meal plan!

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