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How to pull a healthy lunchbox together in no time at all!

So today I am going to show you how quickly I can pull together a lunchbox when I have some lunchbox food frozen in the freezer and when I've done some pre-chopping over the weekend.

As always I am going to include something from each of the Australian 5 food groups - Fruit, Vegetables, Grains, Protein, Dairy.

To begin, I'm starting with protein and including my homemade chicken nuggets - these are just cubed chicken breast, dipped in egg and crumbed in seasoned breadcrumbs. I have made these in advance and frozen a heap in snap lock bags. I put them into the lunchbox frozen and they will defrost overnight in the fridge and be ready to eat by lunchtime tomorrow.

Next is grains and I'm using up my freezer stash of savoury muffins, again this one is going into the lunchbox frozen and defrosting overnight in the fridge.

On the weekend I did some pre-chopping to save time throughout the week. I chopped up rockmelon which I'll add to the lunchbox for the fruit serve. I also chopped up carrot sticks that I store in a glass jar covered in water in the fridge. For the lunchbox I just dry them off with paper towel and add them to the lunchbox - still nice and fresh and crunchy. I also pre-chopped some capsicum sticks that I just store in a sealed container (I did try storing them in water but they lasted better without the water).

So we've got our protein, grains, fruit and vegetables, next is dairy which I am going to add a yoghurt for this plus some cream cheese in the small middle section for my daughter to dip her carrot and capsicum sticks into.

So that's it, super quick, super easy - something from each of the 5 food groups using up some things from the freezer and pre-chopped fruit and veg!

If you haven't seen it yet - I've just released my first ebook! "4 Steps to Packing a Nutritionally balanced Lunchbox" great for anyone starting school or kindy! It covers everything you need to know about packing a healthy lunchbox - everything from the food groups to food safety, a personalised lunchbox cheat sheet, a meal planer and much more!

See you next time

Abbey xo

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