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Not all sausages are created equal!

I shared my meal plan earlier this week and have had quite a few questions about sausages, in particular what type of sausage I use and if they are all pretty similar nutritionally.

It's very important to know that sausages are not all created equal! In fact there are some sausages out there that actually pose a health risk rather then being a good protein source.

Most kids seem to enjoy a sausage, they are simple to cook and when wrapping in wholemeal bread and adding some veggies or salad or our favourite corn on the cob, it can be a pretty good meal if the right type of sausage is used.

All sausages seem to have been put in the same basket as the highly processed bacon, ham, devon, frankfurts and chorizo, many of which contain nitrite and nitrate preservatives (249-252) that have been linked to bowel cancer. Some sausages do contain these preservatives along with high amounts of salt and unhealthy fillers but many now-a days don’t and can make a good protein source especially for picky eaters.

So what should we be avoiding or looking for when choosing a sausage?

Firstly look at the ingredients list. Look for mostly wholefood ingredients. Avoid sausages with an ingredients list that is huge and full of numbers, preservatives and ingredients that you can't even pronounce.


Secondly check the sodium content and aim for one with 450mg or less of sodium per 100g.


Once you’ve found a good sausage that’s tasty too, make sure to serve it with some salad or vegetables and some wholegrains to boost the nutritional value of the meal.

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