October Simple Swaps - Lunchbox Snacks

Swap OUT Uncle Tobys Roll Ups....

Swap IN Sun Valley True Fruit Bars or plain dried fruit.


Sun Valley has 100% fruit, Uncle Tobys has 26%.

Sun Valley has nothing else added except fruit, Uncle Tobys has added sugar, oil, additives, flavours (natural) and colours (natural).

Swap OUT Cool Pak Popcorn....

Swap IN Woolworths Macro Air Popped Corn.


Both have the same ingredients - popcorn, canola oil, salt.

Macro has less than half the amount of sodium per 100g - 300mg vs 691mg.

Macro has nearly half the amount of total fat per 100g - 13.8g vs 25.8g.

Swap OUT CCs Original Corn Chips...

Swap IN Coles "I'm Free From" Puffed Corn Chips.