September Simple Swaps - Spreads

Swap OUT Bega Original Peanut Butter....

Swap IN Bega Simply Nuts - or any other brand without added sugar or oil. A small amount of added salt I believe is fine, however you can also now get all natural peanut butter without anything added which is a great choice.


Bega Simply Nuts has more peanuts - 99.5% vs 85%

Bega Simply Nuts does not contain added oil, Bega Original does

Bega Simply Nuts does not have added sugar, Bega Original does

Bega Simply Nuts has less sodium per 100g - 152mg vs 576mg

Swap OUT Vegemite Original....

Swap IN Vegemite 40% less Salt


The salt reduced variety has less sodium per serve - 9mg vs 165mg

The salt reduced variety tastes exactly the same as the original!

Swap OUT Cottee's Strawberry Jam...

Swap IN St Dalfour Strawberry Spread.