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September Simple Swaps - Spreads

Swap OUT Bega Original Peanut Butter....

Swap IN Bega Simply Nuts - or any other brand without added sugar or oil. A small amount of added salt I believe is fine, however you can also now get all natural peanut butter without anything added which is a great choice.


Bega Simply Nuts has more peanuts - 99.5% vs 85%

Bega Simply Nuts does not contain added oil, Bega Original does

Bega Simply Nuts does not have added sugar, Bega Original does

Bega Simply Nuts has less sodium per 100g - 152mg vs 576mg


Swap OUT Vegemite Original....

Swap IN Vegemite 40% less Salt


The salt reduced variety has less sodium per serve - 9mg vs 165mg

The salt reduced variety tastes exactly the same as the original!


Swap OUT Cottee's Strawberry Jam...

Swap IN St Dalfour Strawberry Spread.


St Dalfour is sweetened with grape and fruit juice concentrates, Cottee's is sweetend with white table sugar

St Dalfour has less sugar per 100g - 52g vs 65.9g

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