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August Simple Swaps

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Swap OUT Pre-packed Grated Cheese....

Swap IN Block Cheese.


Pre-packed grated cheese has Anticaking Agent (460) and Preservative (200) - block cheese does not.


Swap OUT Uncle Tobys Strawberry Yoghurt Coated Muesli Bar

Swap IN Carman's Strawbs and Cream Aussie Oat Bar


Carman's has more oats - 54% vs 34%

Carman's has less sugar per serve - 2.8g vs 5.8g

Carman's has more fibre per serve - 4.2g vs 3.3g


Swap OUT Cheese flavoured Sakata Rice Crackers

Swap IN Plain Sakata Rice Crackers


Plain has more rice - 97% vs 85%

Plain has less sodium per 100g - 387mg vs 533mg

Plain has no additives

Plain has a shorter ingredients list - 3 vs 23

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