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25 family favourite dinner recipes with lunchbox suggestions for each one, repourposing a portion of protein when possible.


This recipe book not only sets you up for simple, healthy, planned eveing meals but sorts out the lunchbox at the same time too!


Over the past few years of packing school lunchboxes, I developed, tweaked, tailored and tweaked again, a super simple process to packing a nutritionally balanced lunchbox!


One of my top tips is to save a portion of protein from the evening meal, add it to the lunchbox then top it up with food from the remaining 5 food groups.


Protein is so important but it is one of the most difficult food groups to include in the lunchbox and one I often see missing altogether! Protein and the important vitamins and minerals it contains provides children with the building blocks for growth and development. Protein makes us feel full and helps to prevent that energy slump early afternoon.


This recipe book is filled with healthy family favourite dinner recipes. Where possible each recipe will give suggestions on how to save a portion of protein from the meal to add to the lunchbox. If it isn't possible then I also give suggestions on other protein options.


I hope you and your family enjoy these recipes as much as mine do. I hope these recipes make dinner time easier for you and I hope they make packing a nutritionally balanced lunchbox quick and simple too.


Recipe Book #1 - Dinner to the Lunchbox

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