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Are you new to packing the school lunchbox?


Are you seasoned pro but flat out of ideas?!


Do you want to ensure the lunchbox you pack is nutritionally balanced and providng your child with the energy and nutrients they need for a full day of actvity and learning at school?


Do you want to pack a lunchbox FAST, using simple, normal ingredients that don't cost the earth?


If you've answered yes to any or all of these questions then I have developed something you'll love!


I'm a univeristy qualified nutritionist and I've spent this whole year (my daughter's first year of school) packing a lunchbox every... single... day and in doing so have developed, tweaked, tailored and tweaked again a super simple 4 step process to ensure you are packing a nutritionally balanced lunchbox fast!


This ebook containers over 30 pages of lunchbox tips, inspiration and nutrition advice all based on the Australian Dietary Gauidlines.


Inside you will find advice on:

- Choosing a lunchbox

- What you can and can't pack if your school is "nut free"

- The Australian Guide to Healthy Eating 

- The Australian 5 Food Groups

- My 4 simple steps to packing a healthy lunchbox

- Keeping the lunchbox cold and food safe to eat

- How much food you sould be providing

- Serve sizes

- Where to go for lunchbox inspiration

- A lunchbox cheat cheat with steps to personalise for each child

- Meal planner template


Everything you could possibly need to know about packing a healthy and safe lunchbox is all right here in place.


I hope this ebook saves you time, stress and your sanity when it comes to packing the lunchbox! That's 200 stress free lunchboxes you will pack each year... and that's just for one child!


4 Steps to Packing a Nutritionally Balanced Lunchbox...FAST

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