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As a parent we all want the best for our kids but choosing a food product based on it's nutritional value can be very confusing!


There is so much information printed on food labels, it's all there to help us as consumers make informed decisions but it's just so confusing if you're not sure what to look for!


That’s where I come in! As a university qualified nutritionist I look at food labels almost all day long – I know how to read through the marketing hype and what to look at to make the best informed decisions about the nutritional value of a product.


Throughout this 30min pre-recorded session I will take you step by step through what I look for on a food label; what marketing hype to ignore; what things to consider and what values to aim for so you can make the best choices when aiming to buy a healthy product for your family.


Most importantly I just want to keep it simple. If it's too complicated or confusing it's not going to be of any help. 


So grab yourself a cuppa, some food packets for reference and a block of 30min free time! Actually who am I kidding I know a block of 30min free time just won't happen so you can pause and restart the webinar as much as you need.


And of course if you have any questions following the session please just send me an email.


Understanding Food Labels Pre-Recorded Webinar

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