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4 Steps to

Packing a Nutritionally

Balanced Lunchbox...



University qualified nutritionist and Mum of two little kiddos

We have recently entered the world of school lunches and coming from a daycare and kindy that provided everything, it was actually a bit of shock! And that’s coming from me, someone who loves packing lunchboxes!

As a busy Mum I'm all about getting things done... fast! I wanted to be able to pack a healthy lunchbox that was meeting my daughter’s nutritional requirements, one that she actually enjoyed and one that didn’t take much time or thought to put together.

So I developed a simple and easy to follow method that allows us busy parents to pull together a nutritious lunchbox in no time, safe in the thought it’s providing our little ones with the important nutrients they need for growth, energy and to perform well at school.


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