December Simple Swaps

Swap OUT Parker's Baked Original Pretzels....

Swap IN Parker's Baked Pretzels - Mini 6 pack.


They both have the same 4 ingredients but...

The mini pretzels have less than 50% less sodium!

Sodium: Mini 559mg/100g vs Original 1300mg/100g

Swap OUT Ajitas Vege Deli Crisps....

Swap IN Aldi's Deli Style Purple Potato & Sweet Potato Chips .


Ajitas Deli Crisps have added sugar and artificial additives. Aldi's Deli Chips have only potatoes, oil and sea salt.

Aldi's chips have less than a quarter of the saturated fat content - 2.2g/100g vs 10.1g/100g.

Aldi's chips have less sodium 300mg/100g vs 420mg/100g.

Swap OUT Dairylea Cheestik...

Swap IN Coles Cheesey Peelers.