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March Simple Swaps

Swap OUT Pasta Penne....

Swap IN Vetta Smart Fibre Pasta Penne.


I love and recommend many types of pasta - wholemeal and lentil are a couple of my favourites but for a simple swap that tastes exactly like the original it has to be Vetta Smart Fibre Pasta. It's Australian durum wheat semolina plus 3% oat fibre.

The oat fibre doubles the fibre content with no additional taste. It also comes in dinosaur shapes which the kids love!


Swap OUT Mission Pita Pockets....

Swap IN Meb Khobz Wholemeal Pita.


Mission pita pockets have added sugar and preservatives - Meb pita pockets do not.

Meb has more fibre than Mission - 5.4g/100g vs 2.3g/100g.

Meb has less sugar than Mission - 1.5g/100g vs 5.8g/100g.

Meb has less sodium than Mission - 250mg/100g vs 523mg/100g.


Swap OUT Guzzi's Golden Pasta Gnocchi Potato...

Swap IN Grand Italian Potato Gnocchi.


Guzzi's gnocchi contains a number of added preservatives - Grand Italian does not.

Guzzi's gnocchi is made with rehydrated potato (water, potato flakes, potato starch) - Grand Italian is made with steamed potatoes.

Grand Italian has less sodium than Guzzi's - 206mg/100g vs 396mg/100g.

Want more?

If you've enjoyed these Simple Swaps you will LOVE my Healthy Snack Product Guide! I've reviewed hundreds of products at Coles, Woolworths and Aldi to create a guide with over 70 products listed that are the best nutritionally in 16 categories! There are yoghurts, dips, crackers, crispbreads, muesli bars, bliss balls, dried fruit snacks and many more!

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