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November Simple Swaps

Swap OUT Golden Circle Raspberry Cordial....

Swap IN Tetley Cold Infusions - Strawberry & Watermelon.


Cordial has added sugar - 13g/serve vs no added sugar for the Cold Infusions.

Cordial contains artificial flavours, preservatives and colours.

Cold Infusions is naturally flavoured with fruit.


Swap OUT Arnott's Tiny Teddy's....

Swap IN Whole Kids Vanilla Farm Animal Biscuits.


Whole Kids has less sugar - 22.8g/100g vs 25.2g/100g for the Tiny Teddy's.

Whole Kids has less saturated fat - 5.8g/100g vs 7.1g/100s for the Tiny Teddy's.

Whole Kids has less sodium - 160mg/100g vs 317mg/100g for the Tiny Teddy's.


Swap OUT Simply 7 Lentil Chips with Sea Salt...

Swap IN Tyrrell's Chips Lightly Salted.


Both have their main ingredient (lentil flour or potatoes) plus oil and salt.

Both have a similar saturated fat content - 2.3g/100g for the potato chips 1.7g/100g for the lentil chips.

However the potato chips have less than a quarter of the salt! 244mg /100g vs 1013mg/100g!

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